Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lots of Updates

I've been quite neglectful with my posting duties.

Run Woodstock:
The race was unofficially renamed "Mudstock" this year. I made an unwise decision to run sock-less for the 1/2 marathon, in old road shoes (read: no traction). I did more skating than running and ended up with some very large and painful blisters. The runs without results were informal, non-timed events. Despite the trail conditions, still an awesome running weekend.

Friday night: 5k

Saturday morning: 1/2 marathon
Time: 2:27:26
Place: 108 of 326
AG: 5 of 20

Saturday night: short 10k ~ 5 miles
Sunday morning: 5 mile

DwD Hell:

My first ultra. I had an awesome time. I just kind of got into the zone and didn't think about anything. Kept my goal pace of 12 min miles until the 1/2 way point and then I started to drop off. Larry O'Sullivan pulled me in the last 10 miles. This was an awesome experience.

Time: 11:25:30
Place: 41 of 67
AG: 2 of 2

Spartan Sprint Tri:

I'm still not a swimmer, but with short pool swims, it barely matters!

400m swim: 9:35 (29 of 36 collegiate females)
T1: 1:49
20k bike: 37:46 (9 of 36 collegiate females)
T2: 1:18
5k run: 22:53 (10 of 36 collegiate females)

Total time: 1:13:18 (9 of 36 collegiate females)

Arbpocalypse 5k:

Maybe the first race I've won?

Time: 24:32
Place: 10 of 52
Gender: 1 of 28

Run, Scream, Run 5k:

Fun course!

Time: 24:05
Place: 46 of 724
AG: 3 of 85

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