Thursday, August 18, 2011

T-Rex Triathlon

Race Results:

0.5 mile swim: 20:08 (71%)
T1: 1:17
12 mile bike: 37:57 (46%)
T2: 0:42
3.1 mile run: 24:08 (25%)
Overall Time: 1:24:13 (40%)
AG: 4 of 17
Overall Place: 165 of 413

*Percentiles based on the entire field (men and women)

I dropped my time by 5 minutes from the last triathlon, with pretty much the entire improvement coming on the swim portion. This time I was much more confident on the swim, so I pushed myself a bit harder. I also did a better job of watching the buoys and staying on the course. Transitions went better as well, with the exception of forgetting my towel (to dry your feet before you put your socks on) and having one of my research samples in my bike shoes.

I was quite surprised to hear my name called for an age group award. It's not too much to brag about though, as the field for this triathlon was weaker than it was for the first one.

Triathlons are a lot of fun. I look forward to continuing to do them. Maybe even moving up to a longer distance.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Red Carpet Run - 5k


Time: 23:19 (7:31 pace)
Place: 39 of 245
AG: 5 of 40

Barely made it to the race on time, weekday races are hard. I got stuck in stop-go traffic 1.3 miles from the race start. I needed to (a) get to the race, (b) warm up for at least a mile, and (c) use the facilities. I parked at an abandoned K-mart, ran into Duncan Donuts for a pit stop, and then ran to the race start for my warm up. I picked up my number just as they were calling 5 minutes for the start. A nice volunteer let me leave my glasses with her, as I had forgotten to take them off at the car.

The race itself went okay. My pace was steady the whole run, and I was spent at the end. I had my best 5k time this year, though it probably would have been faster if my bum wasn't crazy sore from squats in yoga class yesterday.

At the finish I got a wine glass (with wine) and I also got a diamond shaped prism for placing in my AG.

I was lame and didn't go with the theme of the race, which was to dress up like you were on the red carpet. I hate dressing up, and if I was on a red carpet for some reason, I might just wear my workout clothes. I did wear a necklace, which was annoying, and earrings, so some effort was made.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Time, No Update

It's been a long while since I've updated, mostly due to the fact that it's been a long time since I've raced. My goal of running all Running Fit Events in 2011 will not be realized, as I missed two races (Dances with Dirt Devil's Peak and Pterodactyl Triathlon) due to needed to devote more time to my preliminary exam. I'm still aiming to finish all of the remaining races, with the intent of picking up the two I missed this year in 2012.

Race Results from The Legend 1/2 Marathon:

Time: 2:02:43 (9:22 pace)
Place: 25 of 196
AG: 5 of 17

The race didn't go quite as well as I had hoped, but I didn't take into account heat and humidity when setting my pace goals. There is really nothing to do when the weather is bad, besides to hydrate property and to change your expectations.