Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A is for Awesome

The super exciting news this week is that I started working with a running coach (the lovely Marie Wolfgram) at PR Fitness. She is going to help me a) stay injury free and b) pick up my long distance speed. I did my first assigned workout last night, a 3 mile tempo (a difficult but sustainable speed) and ended up going faster than expected, the cross training must be paying off.

I registered for several of my A priority races yesterday in case the sell out early. "A" priority races are those in which you are aiming for your best times. For long events, in order to be at your peak performance on race day, you reach your highest mileage several weeks before the event and then start decreasing distance so that your legs feel fresh for the race. This year my "A" races are the Trail Marathon, The Pterodactyl sprint triathlon, The Legend half marathon, and an ultra at Dances with Dirt Hell. I'm most excited for the Legend. The 10 mile there was my absolute favorite race in 2010, and it's really great they are adding a half marathon this year.

I just got myself a balaclava (ninja mask) and some long socks (thanks for the Running Fit gift card Mom & Dad) to prepare for chilly weather in Traverse City this weekend. Look for the results in my next update.

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