Sunday, March 20, 2011

Still not a fish

We did some hard swim intervals (100 yards) at triathlon practice last week, and I had 1:50 repeats when everyone else seemed to be under 1:15. Even if I'm slow, it's still exciting for me that I can even swim 100m at a time. I'm proud of myself for participating, even if it was slightly embarrassing.

This week I actually finished the whole beginner workout, over a mile of swimming. Usually I run out of pool time. The way swim workouts are structured is a little bit different than running or biking workouts. It is believed that the biggest improvements in swimming come from doing drills (exercises focused on improving form) and short repeats. Below is what tonight's workout looked like, for reference 25 yards is one length of our pool. I did backstroke for the cool down, just for some variety, but everything was freestyle (crawl).

Warm up: 200 yd
kicking w/ kickboard: 5 x 50 yd
drills: 5 x 50 yd
3 x 200 yd
6 x 100 yd
Cool down: 100 yd

We worked on flip turns a lot during my swim class this week. I'm pretty terrible at them. Watch the video to see how it should be done:

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